South Atlantic Self Steering Wind Vane S - 301

It is a servo-pendulum windvane. It is the most widely proven principle for a windvane. This principle offers a great sensitivity-strength balance.

The windvane is a fast and efficient steering system. The servo-pendulum system consists of a [sensor-vane] which transmits the change in the wind direction to the windvane rudder. This moves laterally on reception of the signal. The rudder is attached to the tiller by [lines] which move the tiller or wheel that steer the sail boat.

Advantages of our Windvane

" Adjustable vane (for strong or light wind)
" Vane fixing in central position
" Adjustable power transmission
" Easy to start and stop operating
" Lift up swinging rudder, + - 170 degrees
" Protection against overloading
"Autopilot option: a pin fitting for an Autohelm or Simrad cockpit autopilot is provided as standard on the windvane arm
" Detachable auxiliary rudder

"Length of air vane mast, pendulum shaft and tiller arm customised to fit each individual boat.

Strength and Durability
South Atlantic, uses a 100% sea water resistant alloy.
South Atlantic grants a lifetime guarantee against damage in the material (aluminium).

" Sea water resistant aluminium,
" POM bearings.
" Servo rudder, Wood made up with [epoxy]
" 6 mm Marine AW100 wooden vane

"We use sliding bearings: they need no upkeep and run softly.
Demand for spare bearings is almost man-existing!

ca. 13 Kilos

Series S-3001 : up to 9 m / 30 ft

Series S-301: up to 2900 kg

Windvane and Autopilot
Almost 100% of windvane buyers had an automatic pilot on board before the purchase! " The windvane is used 90% of the times after both systems have been installed! " When a ship sails with sails set, the wind steers it better!


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Price List:
South Atlantic Prices               (exclude tax)
S - 301 1088,00 € *      (+-1263 USD)
S - 301 + Off shore kit 1213,00 € *      (+-1415 USD)
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South Atlantic S 301 units include:
* Standard Mounting.
* 1 Air foil.
* 1 blade.
* Manual

Offshore Kit (recommended only for offshore cruise)
* 1 Windvane(1)
* 1 Rudder,
* Bearings for windvane,    shaft
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