South Atlantic Our Services

    Aluminum Cast
    South Atlantic has been founded in 1987. We provide solutions adapted to your needs, industrial run from a simple Aluminium cast to a finished unit. Cast parts from 0 to 27 kg, small production runs, Aluminium alloy having an excellent sea water corrosion resistance.

    Aluminium alloy anodes
    The use of Aluminium anodes is generally limited to marine applications. The driving potential of Aluminium anodes is slightly higher than zinc anodes. Aluminium alloy anodes are more efficient than the zinc anode alloy, which can provide performance and lifetime benefits of the anode protection system. This results in more protection in the same anode sizes due to the corrosion efficiency of the Aluminium alloys. Typical uses include applications such as ship hulls, salt water ballast tanks, offshore structures, steel wharf piling and submerged (offshore) pipelines.

    Milling Works
    We offer short run part manufacturing on our CNC lathes and milling centers. Our capabilities and expertise helps our customers get their project done on time and within budget.

    Hard Anodizing coatings
    We offer custom services in Hard Anodizing coatings. These coatings are very wear resistant. These coatings are typically a dark gray to dark brown/gold in color. This is by far the best choice for applications that require wear resistance. Oxide thickness ranges from .001" to .004" depending on thickness desired.


    Self Steering Windvanes
    We repair or refit your self steering. Small pieces production. Hard Anodizing coatings. Restoration in general

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