7 Models to choose from!

South Atlantic S 470

South Atlantic Self Steering Gears™ produce a concise range of Self Steering from one of the lightes model in the market to the strongest powerful S 600 self steering and auxiliary rudder model. Simple, robust and reliable self-steering Gears. Product Range - 7'' models.
All our models can be customized.
The S 500 & S 600 are Self Steering & Emergency Rudder, 'Ready To Go' The design concept of the South Atlantic Self Steering windvanes lends it hem to a fast and practical fitting to your boat. All our units are easily owner installed, in most cases in only 2-4 hours, from start to testing under sail.


South Atlantic Mast Steps


  • Mast Steps

    Fixed Aluminum Mast Step . Fastened either by screws or pop rivets.


  • Boom Brake

    The South Atlantic Boom Brake works on friction provided by wind pressure